8/9/03 WV’s First BJJ Tournament (Charleston, WV)


11/13/04 – US Belt Championships (Akron, Ohio)


4/30/05 – The Return to WV (Charleston, WV)


February 11, 2006 – Valetine’s Day Bash  (Charleston, WV)

5/6/06 – Tri-Sate Championship (Parkersburg, WV)


7/30/08 No Gi Only In-House Tournament (Charleston, WV)


5/30/09 Butch Hiles BJJ Invitational (Charleston, WV)

 2009 WV State Grappling Championships (Charleston, WV)


2/20/10 WVGO (Charleston, WV)

2010 WV State Championships (Charleston, WV)


3/26/11 WVGO Hoover (Elkview, WV)

8/6/11 In-House Tournament (Charleston, WV)

2011 WV State Championships (Charleston, WV)


 3/24/12 WVGO Herbert Hoover (Elkview, WV)

9/1/12 WV State Championships (Charleston, WV)

12/1/12 WVGO (Elkview, WV)


3/23/13 WVGO Herbert Hoover (Elkview, WV)

4/20/13 WVGO Submission Only (Bluefield, VA)

6/1/13 WVGO Herbert Hoover (Elkview, WV)

8/17/13 WV State Championships (Charleston, WV)

9/28/13 WVGO Submission Only for Charity (Chapmanville, WV)

10/12/13 WVGO Submission Only (Bluefield, VA)

12/7/14 ADCC/WVGO US Nationals (Charleston, WV)


3/22/14 WVGO Herbert Hoover (Elkview, WV)

5/3/14 WVGO Submission Only (Bluefield, VA)

6/7/14 WVGO Herbert Hoover (Elkview, WV)

8/16/14 WV State Championships (Charleston, WV)

10/11/14 WVGO Submission Only (Bluefield, VA)

12/6/14 ADCC/WVGO US Nationals (Charleston, WV)


3/21/15 WVGO Elk Middle (Elkview, WV)

6/13/15 WVGO Charleston

8/15/15 WV State Championship (Charleston, WV)


 3/19/16 WVGO Elk Middle (Elkview, WV)

6/11/16 ADCC Nationals (Charleston, WV)

8/20/16 WV State Championship (Charleston, WV)

10/8/16 WVGO Graham High School (Bluefield, VA)


4/1/17 WVGO Elk Middle (Elkview, WV)

6/10/17 ADCC Nationals (Charleston, WV)

8/19/17 WV State Championship (Charleston, WV)

9/16/17 EBI Submission Only (Charleston, WV)


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Hello Mr Hiles, I am Thomas Sisemore’s father. I’m sure you recall spending a few minutes with my son during the day at Saturday’s WVGO Breast Cancer Benefit. Anyway, I wanted to express my deepest appreciation for the manner in which the event was conducted. From the people who attended to the ethical grappling to the manner in which you and your family managed the event, it reminded me of when I was a boy in Texas competing in outdoor motocross in the late 70’s. Everyone there was the…
Bill Sisemore

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