The WV Grappling Open

Our goal is to give every competitor the best experience they can have at an affordable cost.  The majority of our tournaments use the double elimination feature, in order to make sure every person gets the most our of their experience.  This is truly a competitor friendly tournament and organization. that will do whatever it takes to keep the competitors happy and safe.

Our tournaments started in WV in 2003 and have continued to grow and expand ever since.  WVGO now features the WV Games, which started in 2009, and is the official state championships for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling in WV.  Every year teams from across the country aim to crown new state champions and bring home the team championship banner.

WVGO continues to grow and expand and will keep bringing the most to it’s competitors.  Many of our tournaments feature cash prizes, top-notch awards, and more.

We thank you for your continued support and hope to see you at a future tournament!

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    all event details will be up shortly

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“Well done guys, awesome tournament.”
Roger BeckettTeam SRJJ

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Reigning Overall Team State Champions

2009 Butch Hiles BJJ
2010 GZFS
2011 Butch Hiles BJJ
2012 GZFS
2013 GZFS
2014 Ground Zero Huntington
2015 Team SAS
2016 Ground Zero Huntington
2017 Ground Zero Huntington
2018 GZFS
2019 Team SAS
2021 Team SAS
2022 GZFS

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