Tri-State Championships 5/6/06

Location: Parkersburg, WV

Super Fight Results

Purple and Above Invitational Absolute Tournament (Cash Prize)

1- Dustin Ware (Gurgel)
2- Gavin Enck (Rosendo Diaz/ Royler Gracie)
3- Dustin Hazlett/ Jeremy Walters (Gurgel)

No Gi Super Fight

Joao Herdy (Monteiro – Rio, Brazil) defeats Adam Jones (Gurgel – West Virginia, USA) via flying armbar :08 seconds

No Gi

150 and under
1- Donald Tennant (Phil Davis/ Randy Bloom)
2- Vince Herman (Higher Power)
3- Alex Dauphin (Monteiro/Advanced BKJ)

1- Chris Martindale (Monteiro/Advanced BKJ)
2- Nathaniel Fitzsimmons (Phil Davis/ Randy Bloom)
3- Aaron Maynard (Gurgel)

1- Dustin Hazelett (Gurgel)
2- Matt Smith (Crossface Combatives)
3- Dave Vannest (Montiero/Advanced BKJ)

1- Joe Stern (Montiero/Advanced BKJ)
2- Gordon Reeves (Crossface Combatives)
3- Brandon Pierce (Gurgel)

211 and above
1- Josh Rhodes (Independent)
2- Dustin Ware (Gurgel)
3- Daniel Wendolowiki (Independent)

White Belt

150 and under
1- Corey Boyle (Independent)
2- Donald Tennant (Phil Davis/ Randy Bloom)
3- Matt Feathers (Gurgel)

1- Nate Fitzsimmons (Phil Davis/ Randy Bloom)
2- Chad Leonard (Team Curran)
3- Aaron Maynard (Gurgel)

1- James Nutaitis (Phil Davis/ Randy Bloom)
2- Troy Taylor (Gurgel)
3- Jason Hall (Monteiro/Advanced BKJ)

1- Logan West (Capital Jiu-Jitsu)
2- Gordon Reeves (Crossface Combatives)
3- Brandon Pierce (Gurgel)

211 and above
1- Terraun Jones (Independent)
2- Richard Ambrose (Monteiro/Advanced BKJ)
3- Rob Zangary (Monteiro/Advanced BKJ)

Blue Belt Absolute
1- Matt Smith (Cossface Combatives)
2- Dave Vannest (Monteiro/Advanced BKJ)
3- Ernie Skaggs (Gurgel)

Team Results

1- Monteiro/ Butch Hiles/ ABKJ (22 points)
1- Gurgel (22 points)
***Also, note that Team Gurgel had the most super fight competitors and wins
2- Phil Davis/ Randy Bloom (18 points)
3- Crossface Combatives (13 points)


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