Our tournament schedule will be spaced out to limit the amount of people in in the venue at the same time. We will post the general schedule the night before the tournament. However, due to walk-ins and other circumstances, things will change. We suggest having teammats report back to you as thing progress and we will also do our best to communicate changes during the event. Please watch for updates and check-in with us often, so you are aware of changes and what time you should arrive.


We will require everyone to wear a mask. When you are competing you do not have to wear a mask. However, when you step off the mat, you will need to wear a mask.


All competitors, and spectators, will need to have their temperature checked before entering the tournament.


We would like to limit the amount of spectators as much as possible. Adult competitors should try to limit the amount of spectators to only their coach or someone who is essential in helping them at the tournament. We are aware that parents want to see their children compete. We will allow them to be present but ask them to please leave after their child is done competing.

Please follow social distancing rules and exit the facility whenever possible. Mask are required for all spectators and competitors not on the mat.


Whenever possible, the use electronic payment methods to minimize contact or exchange of currency (e.g: bank transfers), is preferred. Pre-registration is preferred for competitors, whenever possible, and please remember that youth competitors must be pre-registered by 11/5/20.

Take temperature at home before the tournament. Athletes should not compete if they have a high temperature or are feeling ill.

Athletes should arrive at the gym already dressed to avoid the use of changing rooms.

Minimize use of bathrooms if possible. Allow only one person at a time and disinfect after each use.

Disinfected footwear should be worn outside of the mat area at all times.

Upon entering the gym, athletes should wear disinfected sandal-type footwear that is only for use inside the gym, or they should disinfect their shoes.

Each athlete must bring their personal disinfectant and protection material (hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol, towel and personal protective mask) and must not share them.

Wash hands thoroughly and frequently.

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