The Return to WV 4/30/05

Location: Charleston, WV

(The first tournament after the RE-legalization of BJJ in WV)

Team Winners

1- Butch Hiles BJJ/ABKJ (45 points)

2- Jorge Gurgel (23 points)

3- Mountain State Martial Arts (14 points)

4- Saulo (7 points)

No Gi Results


1- Lacie Mcallister

2- Lindsy Babbit (Jorge Gurgel)

3- Tosha Mullins (Jorge Gurgel)


1- Dustin Waldron (ABKJ)

2- Tyler Green (Team Green)

3- Daniel Collins (ABKJ)


1- Scott Layton (Saulo)

2- Scott Lowther (Mountain State Martial Arts)

3- John Esker (ABKJ)


1- Tommy Carter (Jorge Gurgel)

2- David Gandge (MSMA)

3- JR Scott (Jorge Gurgel)


1- Charles Cochran (ABKJ)

2- Jeremy Linville (MSMA/ ABKJ)

3- Jason Cable (ABKJ)


1- Terraun Jones (ABKJ)

2- Eric Oden (ABKJ)

3- Jason Cable (ABKJ)

Gi Results


1- Dustin Waldron (ABKJ)

2- Daniel Collins (ABKJ)

3- Lacie McCalister

Flyweight/ Lightweight White Belts

1- Nathan Bays (Jorge Gurgel)

2- William Mullins (Jorge Gurgel)

3- Matt McLane (ABKJ)

Middleweight White Belts

1- JR Scott (Jorge Gurgel)

2- Tommy Carter (Jorge Gurgel)

3- David Gandge (MSMA)

Light Heavyweight White Belt

1- George Oiler (Jorge Gurgel)

2- Rich Bassford (Saulo)

3- Jeremy Linville (MSMA/ ABKJ)

Heavyweight White Belt

1- Dustin Waldron (ABKJ)

2- Terraun Jones (ABKJ)

3- Jason Cable (ABKJ)

Lightweight/ Middleweight Blue Belts

1- Josh Cooper (ABKJ)

2- Tommy Carter (Jorge Gurgel)

3- John Esker (ABKJ)

Heavyweight Blue Belts

1- Charles Cochran (ABKJ)

2- Jamie Jarrett (ABKJ)

3- Eric Oden (ABKJ)

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We had a great time at the tournament, Butch. Thank you for always putting on great events
Alx Alvarez Bluefield BJJ

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