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Last Day to Pre-register now (Until 11:59PM on 4/18/13)

4/18/13 is the last day to pre-register and save up to $15. Just follow this link and pre-register at the bottom before it’s too late:

Of course, you can still register at the door if you want to wait until the day of.


Friday (4/19/13): 6pm-8pm at Graham High School

Saturday (4/20/13)8:45am -10:30am at Graham High School

In some cases, special arrangements can be made by calling Butch Hiles at 304-549-9370

Tournament Schedule

Saturday (4/20/13):

Weigh-ins will start at 8:45am

Rules Meeting at 10:30am

11:00am will start the first purple belt and above matches

Please arrive in plenty of time to get weighed in and attend the rules meeting.

The gi divisions will be the first thing to start following the no-gi advanced division and we will work from the highest belts down.

Submission Only Rules

Single elimination format, with no points.

Time limit: All matches will be 10 minutes in length.  If there is no submission within the 10 minutes, there will be a 5 minute overtime period.  If there is still not a submission the referee will pick the winner based on aggression, position, and attempted submissions.

Legal and illegal techniques can be found here:

Experience levels can be found here:

Experience Levels

If there are any questions, please let us know.



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We had a great time at the tournament, Butch. Thank you for always putting on great events
Alx Alvarez Bluefield BJJ

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