NLC Grappling Series

Date: 11/11/2023

Time: 5:00 PM

Location: The Bridge Sports Complex

400 Forrester Boulevard

Bridgeport, WV 26330

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6) Jacob v Hunter Jones 160 lbs Expert(confirmed) Ref: Zack Humbertson

5) Anthony Marzano v Zach Freeman 185 lbs Expert (confirmed) Ref: Josh Fowler

4) Logan Kopfler v Justice Arbogast 130 lbs Intermediate (confirmed) Ref: Josh Fowler

3) John Macioce v Chris Payne Intermediate 175 lbs (confirmed) Ref: Josh Fowler

2) Charles Scott v Johnathan Cooper 180 lbs Intermediate (confirmed) Ref: Josh Fowler

1) Harvey v Regoli 190 lbs Intermediate (confirmed) Ref: Josh Fowler


4:00pm: Rules Meeting / Check in
5:00pm: Event Start

Duration 10 min
Intermediate: All Subs Legal besides heel hooks
Expert: All Subs Legal

A coinflip will occur and the winner gets to pick position (Back Control or Spiderweb) or starting position (Offense or Defense) loser gets to pick the other.
If a submission occurs, then the opponent gets a chance to push into second overtime by securing a submission as well. If a submission does not occur, then the match is over.
Time does not matter, if the first iteration gets a submission in 10 seconds and the opponent gets a submission but takes 100 seconds, it is considered a draw and goes into the next overtime.
2nd overtime same rules but the position that was not utilized will occur. For example, if Spiderweb was the first position, then now it is back control.
An escape occurs when the position is lost and there is no concerning threat of submission with the standard three seconds to confirm. For example, a common escape from the back is to slide into a mount, however at times an opponent will lock on an arm triangle choke. This is not an escape, and the match will continue until a submission is confirmed or a loss.
Sometimes, an exchange occurs where the attacker will go from arm triangle back-to-back control. If it is done within the three second time frame, then it is considered valid but if three seconds have elapsed and there is no legitimate submission attempt, and the position is not regained then the iteration is over.
Third Overtime is neutral first point wins. Guard pulling is allowed.

The overall rule is to continue grappling until the ref stops it since discretion of referee can be controversial.

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